University project TwoBoot – research under water

The Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences focuses its teaching on technology, economics, IT and life sciences. At the two locations Albstadt-Ebingen and Sigmaringen there are currently about 3000 students. The student project TwoBoot is located in the Faculty of Engineering.

At the beginning of the project, some students had the idea to apply their theoretical lecture knowledge in a specific project. This has resulted in an interdisciplinary cooperation of committed young engineers who want to develop, design and operate a fully functional two-man submersible. The ambitious team of prospective mechanical and industrial engineers has now been working for one and a half years on a prototype that will be used for research and commercial purposes.

The free-moving submersible does not require a cable to the support vessel and is therefore also suitable for underwater work in places that are difficult to access. It can be used for up to ten hours at a depth of up to 500 metres and reaches a speed of up to four knots. Typical areas of application are exploration and survey trips on the sea floor, taking soil samples or implementing and maintaining sensor systems. The submersible is also suitable for locating and recovering objects.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and a comparatively low weight of five tons, the TwoBoot can be transported in a standard container and can be deployed in waters all over the world using a crane with sufficient lifting capacity.

The TwoBoot team stands for custom-fit, reliable and innovative solutions that guarantee passengers an underwater experience of a special kind.